Breath of Trees

“Breath of Trees” is a marvelous coming together of music, poetry, dance, struggle, and meaning!
With appreciation for your contribution to the healing of the planet! — Sarah Eames, author

breath_nameexplores the relationship between contemporary society and nature in a new full-length hybrid theatrical experience. It is music, poetry, storytelling, and dance. Four characters struggle with feelings of disconnection from themselves, each other, and the world around them. Moving among them is the Dancer, a symbol of Nature. Mary Lou performs live on stage playing electric violin, percussion, and providing sound design. Trees are the perfect metaphor for active balance in nature – they breathe in carbon dioxide and exhale life-giving oxygen. They are an example of a quiet, interior, purifying life cycle. Reaching inward for the intuition and wisdom of the ancients and combining it with current technology can produce a future we can all live with — plants, birds, animals and humans. It was performed in 2011 at ARC, Pasadena, CA.