Reviews for Green Angel CD

Review on Independent Reviews Site

July, 2003CDreviewsMLN
by Amélie Frank”…I’ve never reviewed electronica before, but I find that Ms. Newmark’s “Green Angel” – while implementing such present-day elements as spoken word snippets, field recordings, multicultural samplings, and her electric violin – is fundamentally connected to centuries of sacred tradition. Clearly, she takes her role as sacred works composer as seriously as Lassus, Bach, or Praetorius did in their day. …her urgent, brilliant violin playing cuts as quickly to the listener’s heart as any raging “Dies Irae.” Somewhere up there, Verdi and Fauré are nodding and saying, “This one, she gets it.” And with all great artists of the sacred, her music is quite beautiful. …Whether you like traditional or innovative contemplations of the holy, “Green Angel” is a solid and moving achievement. Since 9/11 and the ensuing carnage in the Middle East, we have yearned to connect with the divine with greater urgency than ever before. This record is an astounding expression of the variegated, yet unifying beauty of faith.”

Review in “The Organization Of Sound”

November 30, 2000
by Matt Borghi”Los Angeles based electric violinist/composer Mary Lou Newmark has created a fantastic recording. …Newmark’s Paganini-like virtuosity paired with her mastery of electronic sound composition, she has created a masterpiece that won’t go unnoticed.”

Review in “21st Century Music”

November, 2000
by David Cleary” …Soulful and highly charged… …Earthy, unique… …Joyous, bubbling… Newmark performs well here, able to traverse delicate passages, outgoing showy figuration, and everything in between with aplomb.”

Review in “Expose Magazine”

October, 2000
by Mike Ezzo”…On a higher plane… …Above the crowd. …The sense of discovery of something wide-open with possibilities… Green Angel is a unique event of unmistakable merit.”