Reviews for Breathing Room

Michael Van Duzer,

“Breathing Room is a fresh and thought-provoking evening for a discerning audience. Conceived in a symphonic style with four movements and a coda, Newmark’s poetic text is enlivened with elements of ritual, comedy, myth, and an intriguing aural landscape featuring the playwright on an electric violin.”

Ernest Kearney, The TVolution:BreathingRoom_4x9Postcard_2v3-1

Breathing Room is “a joyous dance.” In the manner it conveys a relationship with nature imbued with the intimacy of the confessional, Ms. Newmark’s writing brings to mind the work of Ted Hughes. Neither ornate nor boisterous, this work is not a thing forged of sturdy links, but a gossamer fabric woven of silken butterfly wings. . .Ms. Newmark has presented her audience with an experience of intense feeling spoken softly. – One cannot help but feeling there was an abundance of love infused in this production.”

Ron Irwin, The Examiner:

“Breathing Room is a unique theatrical experience. . .a noble effort to re-engage the human spirit with the broader natural world. There is no doubt but that the musical talent of Ms. Newmark is profound and that alone is well worth the price of admission.”

Myron Meisel, Stage Raw:

Mary Lou Newmark is “an eccentric modernist with a distinctively emotional Romantic core.”

Bob Verini, Arts in LA:

“the entire event is an emphatic reaction against splashy vulgarity, so those inclined to the campy, cynical, or sentimental might prefer to seek their healing elsewhere. On the other hand, they might do best to hurry over to the Greenway Court without delay. Succor is in such short supply these days.

Carol Edgar Germain,

“This performance is not to be missed. . .There is nothing like it anywhere else. . .a beautiful, musical, poetic, and totally unique performance.”