Room to Breathe CD

  1. Five Birds Alighting

  2.  Restless Tiger

  3.  Bossa Coyote

  4.  Oceanica

  5.  Bed, Bath…and Bird

  6.  Renew Regrow Repair

  7. La Loba, Wolf Woman

  8. Ready to Run

  9.  M.T.V.

  10.  Natural Love

Room to Breathe with music and words by Mary Lou Newmark is a safari into the urban wilderness of Los Angeles with a green electric violin, poetry, beats, bird and coyote songs—There’s a lot going on here!

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All of the tracks were performed by Mary Lou on electric violin and everything else, with the exception of the vocals on tracks 6, 9, 10, where Blake Howard and Tricia Tahara performed.