Scattered, Shattered

Scattered, shattered, haphazard
Broken shards
The cracks and crevices showing
Held together by tension alone
Sparks shooting from the shorting circuits

Scattered, shattered, haphazard
A pile of limbs and bones
Pieces of the puzzle that don’t quite fit
Love releases the ragtag assemblage of my body
Which falls, cartoon-like into a mound of brightly colored mirages

Scattered, shattered, haphazard
Random parts and bits reflecting the light
Distracted, almost absentmindedly I pick them up
Rough edges, an outline forms half completed
Does the picture emerge?

Mary Lou Newmark © 2009

Mary Lou’s reading of “Scattered” is featured on the album
“Poetry Over Music Volume 4, Freedom Through Music,”
track 15, paired with John Legend’s, “Ordinary People.”