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Cat’s Meow

  • September 15, 2016

This poem was dictated to me by my cat, Neruda.  I adopted him from a local rescue organization several months ago. He is a spoken word poet, so I encourage you to say the words out loud. He is almost one year old, and has not mastered written language – yet. Enjoy!

Neruda and Tunnel

Neruda and his tunnel


My name is Neruda, kitty poet of the people, and I’m here to say

kitty toys are the way

to happ-i-ness and joy in your heart

any-thing small and round will make a good start

we’ll play catch, maybe fetch

we’ll be rocking’ and rollin’

some old socks and a string, and you’ll be just golden

take a ride in the car, going near and far

don’t think I be boasting’ to say you’re roller-coastin’

cruise on down through your tunnel and surprise attack

do a somersault and land on your back

hip your hop, and hop your hip

bound up the stairs, and give your tail a flip

gotta go now, cause it’s dinnertime

the fridge is open

the food is mine